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This is the collection of all questions asked so far and where they have been answered.

Questions with no answer yet will be addressed in this blog.

  • Why don't you go back to the trailers where you came from? (MysticSleet)
  • What were Fodoog up to during there time in isolation from TMO? (MysticSleet)

answered in Issue 4

  • How many Flanagan fog members does it take to screw in a lightbulb? (MysticSleet)

answered in Issue 5

  • Due to the success of Come On do you think it has taken the spotlight from the other movies you make nowadays?
    How do you feel now that you will be remembered as the horse guy instead of the other movies you have made?
    What is your favourite movie?
    Showdown in foggytown did not reach number 1 spot or was that left in town or could have been both....What do you think the reason of this is? (all from MysticSleet)

answered in Issue 1

  • How can I be as cool and successful as FoDoog and/or Flanagan's Fog? (Sgporsche48)

answered in Issue 3

  • Are you ever going to release (or have you already released) any of Flanagan's Fog's songs for use on TMO? (Sgporsche48)

answered in Issue 5

  • What time is it? (Biggstrek)

answered in Issue 3

  • Is it OK to fake an orgasm...? And would YOU? (Biggstrek)

answered in Issue 4

  • Describe the origins of Flanagan's Fog in sixty seconds. (Teatro Xolotl)

answered in Issue 3

  • What does that Austrian meatloaf look like? (Mixmasterfestus)

answered in Issue 3

  • I'm bored, what can I do to spice things up at work? (Mixmasterfestus)

answered in Issue 5

  • Why do I keep asking questions? (Mixmasterfestus)
  • Is this a rhetorical question? (Mixmasterfestus)
  • On Flanagans Fog's new album, can we expect any thrash metal disney songs? (Mixmasterfestus)

answered in Issue 1

  • Do you use a specialist beard shampoo? or just factor into the normal shower routine?

answered in Issue 2

  • Have you ever had that "unfresh" feeling? (Mymindwarp)

answered in Issue 3

  • Is it true you have plans to assassinate Sleet? (AxeCinema)
  • Why aren't FoDoog take active part in the board of TMV (The Movies Vision)? Liegt es daran, dass wir ein Deutsches Forum, und kein Austrian Forum sind? (Meowan)

answered in Issue 4

  • If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you? (Norriefpb)
  • "And even if we can't take a break anymore, we will stay strong for what we've come..." How can that be a pun? (Norriefpb)

answered in Issue 1

  • Where did you get your username and why did you pick it? (Eobaggs)

  • I´m a coffee-addict... now I know you have many great coffee varieties in Austria... so which is the one you like best and how is it made? (Sisch)

answered in Issue 5

  • Which sheep has the woolliest fleece? (Jazzx)
  • What happened to the horse? Did it already meet the butcher or does it still live happily somewhere far away? (Dr. House)

answered in Issue 1

  • What particularly inspired you to base your entire movie series around a horse? Perhaps a zebra or ew, could've worked better? (Mustachio26)

  • How do you deal with the croweds of chicks that must follow you around? I mean you are THE Flanagan's Fog! (Thebaloob123)

answered in Issue 2

  • Do You plan on making anymore films about the horse? (Sketcher)
  • What is your opinion on the massive removal of movies here? for example: Interstellar Odyssey 2 or CC3, etc. (bufu0)

answered in Issue 2

  • What can we expect from the new Flanagan’s Fog album? (Frosty_frost)

answered in Issue 3

  • Have you ever thought about putting tabs of your music on the Flanagan's Fog homepage so peopole could learn your songs? (Frosty_frost)
  • What is the name of the part of the leg behind the knee? (mixmasterfestus)
answered in Issue 6
  • What about girls? Has anyone of you a girlfriend? Except of your hand? (TheFlyingDude)

answered in Issue 6
  • If Flanagan's Fog was to become an ABBA-Coverband, who would be Benny, Bj√∂rn, Frieda and Agnetha? (biggstrek)
answered in Issue 6
  • How foggy is it in Flanagan's? (danlally)
answered in Issue 6
  • Who does the horse's voice in the Trilogy? (MysticSleet)
answered in Issue 6
  • Which one of the Flanagan's Fog's members would win at musical chairs ? (GreenGlades)
answered in a Q&A Short


Qs total: 35
Qs answered: 26

Submitting Charts:

Mixmasterfestus (7)
MysticSleet (5)
Biggstrek (3)
FrostyFrost (2)
Norriefpb (2)
Sgporsche48 (2)
AxeCinema (1)
Bufu0 (1)
danlally (1)
Dr. House (1)
Eobaggs (1)
GreenGlades (1)
Teatro Xolotl
Jazzx (1)
Meowan (1)
Mustachio26 (1)
Mymindwarp (1)
Sisch (1)
Sketcher (1)
TheBaloob (1)
TheFlyingDude (1)

It's a long way

This has to be one of the most interesting things I've found on the web all my life!

Check the Space


Gotta pack the things

Yehaw... Flanagan's Fog has been kicked out of our studio/rehearsal room. Man... What unfortunate event. Well, we haven't been 'kicked' in a true sense to the word, but have been going...

The guy, that started this room closes his musician career and drags us all down to the bottom.

Well, no more 'Studio' 285-Action from Vienna. Instead, we're already looking for our own room, where we're the big cheese. Expect news.


White and Nerdy

Hell, yeah,...

Weird Al Yankovic did it again.


Have you already seen this?

While I'm preparing the three movies (Come On, Showdown in Foggytown and Left In Town) plus the Making of for a private DVD authoring, I felt kind enough (generous, egocentric me) to post an onScreen link, for those that haven't seen the Making Of yet!


What a Triumph!

Ha, while searching for the PacMen, I encountered a movie, I was desperatly looking for years.

I have no idea, if Triumph, the dog is still on Conan O'Brian (no idea if Conan is on at all, cause NBC stopped broadcasting this in Austria via cable some years ago), ut this is one the most hillarious stuff he made...

Premiere Day of Attack of the Clones...

All Wacka Wacka...

A fellow blogger, ro has posted this wonderful movie:


Encouraged by this, I found some Pac-Man events...

and whatever this is...

Oh, and this one... yum.

WackaWackaWacka Out.


World Of Warcraft. Another world, indeed!

Well, I'm playing WoW since launch. But I always was a casual gamer and never made any of my chars up to lvl 60 (the highest is 45 on Forscherliga).

Today I had an experience in the Monastery, that really showed me, I AM a casual gamer...

Ah, yeah... dubuff my sdk for ltg ifd.

Lennox out.


Hmm,... catchy.

In the last post I mentioned this project I'm on. And the music spinning in my head...

Well, I teared it out of this shell (messy) and put it down to paper. Better said, onto my desktop.

Quite nice, I think. So, I decided to make it public.

Listen to it (partial) HERE.

Cheers everyone.


I started to work on something. Still, working could be a little far-fetched.

As for now I created some actors via starmaker, gave them costumes and have the Main Music in my head (and on the temp save slot n my keyboard).

Just like the movie dream some months ago, it's something I never did before, but this time, on a bigger scale.

Also, the usual cast of the (now) five guys wouldn't be appropriate. I think there will be a casting thread on the TMO board... someday.


Still on the road...?


Now, that I have finished getting this site viewable and accessable for everyone else (including myself), maybe I can open up this whole stuff with a glorious fanfare. Some YouTube-Video I've found, which wasn't very tricky to hunt down, 'cause I uploaded it myself...




You bet!


I still have no idea, what to do exactly with this blog... I think I finally bowed before the trend...

(three years AFTER it was hip. Shigh)

On the road again

Could be the first in a lot of posts. Thinking twice, it also can be one of few... Anyway, it's the first. So, let's all get out our party-hats and jump around the corners!