The Summer SPECIAL

Yehaw again!

This week's episode of Q&A turned into a Answers without Questions, as we shot a Summer SPECIAL on location in Vienna!

Twice the length, half the content! Critics gonna hate it!

A lot of Car-Action, a Hilton Hotel, Opera Songs and many more useless facts. Hell, even Hitler pays a visit.

Watch the issue


As always, the YouTube Version is still in production, but on the above link, it can be downloaded, if problems with the player occur.

Have fun!


Here the YouTube Link, all episodes so far together in one player...



Issue #6

Done it again...

The sixth Issue is online and, of course can be found via the usual suspect link:


This issue's questions came from MixMasterFestus, danlally, MysticSleet, biggstrek and TheFlyingDude. Thanks you all...

Another question, that was answered came from GreenGlades, which will be answered with a Q&A Short later today on YouTube.

EDIT: Now... Q&A Short

This weeks's main topics: Lots of water, kneehunting and ABBA.

It's really fun to work with your questions, but if you haven't already or still are not at the end of your creativity... Post YOUR burning question via the known procedures!

To the right you can see a new poll... watch the show to participate ;)

Hope, you'll enjoy this issue, like we enjoyed shooting it!

Question List



Summer in the City

It's so hot in Vienna these days...

Oh boy... Perfect for sitting in a dark cold room at home, in front of the PC-screen.

Bad luck, the whole flat is a steam room and no sign of the slightest wind to feel...

I'm melting,... Uahh, I'm melting, melting...


Issue #5

And we are live.

Issue numero 5 can be watched on the usual suspect link:


This issue's questions came from MysticSleet, Sisch, Mixmasterfesuts and sgporsche48. Thanks and keep them coming.

This weeks's topics are raging protestants, Austrian coffee tradition and boring work.

And don't hesitate to ask YOUR question through the common channels, yehaw!

Hope, you'll enjoy the issue!

Also, I have posted a list of all questions so far, and where they were answered (if). I will try to cover the questions, that didn't make it into the show in this Blog. So, I hope nobody gets sad not being picked.

Question List




Let the Wacom come!

I decided to get myself a WACOM tablet. Precisely a Inutos3 6x8. Yummy.

I saw some examples of work done with this goodie, and was especially interested in comic drawings. Can't think of the way, it would ease my work doing my little sketches and panels for Lame Duck (which is down at the moment). No more three steps before scanning and three steps before coloring!
'Til now: Pencil sketch, corrections, inking, scanning, gradiation curve correction, tracing, coloring.

Hopefully soon: Drawing, corrections, coloring.

Wow... Maybe we WILL see a revival of the Lame Ducks in near future. I, for my part, can't wait!


Next Issue on the start

I have already some good quetsions for Issue #5. But, of course, the more, the merrier and so I'd like encourage you all again to submit YOUR question via the known channels.

Maybe your What-I-always-wanted-to-know will be addressed by us in our serious, lunatic way...

Don't hesitate, submit!



Issue #4 is live.


Finally, the fourth issue of our little sunday "show" is online.

This issue's questions came from norriefpb, MysticSleet, Meowan and biggstrek. Thanks and keep them coming.

This time we discuss silent movies, fake orgasms and clone armies... And this has nothing to do with Paris Hilton...

You know, where to find it...

Full and unsplitted:

As always, the YouTube Version takes a bit longer to finish, as soon as it's ready, I'll post an update.



Here are the YouTube Links:

Part ONE

Part TWO


Issue #4 Countdown

We're getting closer to the production start of Issue #4, so the final round for you to ask questions for Sunday, 8th is coming to an end.

As always, I'm referring to the official QCT - Question Collecting Thread, where you can submit your Things-I-Always-Wanted-To-Know.

Also, you can e-mail me your questions directly - Mail to Mike Lennox.



A lot!

My! I already recieved a lot of questions for the next issue... Nice.

It also looks like people are going to go for the more funny way of topics, which is good...

I'll have to look, if, like in issue 3 all questions can be addressed, or if I have to pick...

So many decisions...


Please turn around

I just came back from a casting for a TV-Ad about lottery tickets...

They wanted me to audition for the role of an security guard, and so I walked and turned in front of a greenscreen...

Took less than five minutes.

I drove there by car...

Took an hour.

I wish rendering a movie would be so fast...

Q&A - Episode 3

Issue 3

part 1

part 2

Back in the Blog Biz

Re Hi, all!

With the start of the "Q&A with Mike Lennox" Videos, I decided to revive the old Lennox-Blog to

A - create some nearly daily content for people, that visit the films.flanagansfog.com site often, waiting for updates


B - have a working Blog at all...

Today, the third issue of Q&A has been released, so, head over to http://films.flanagansfog.com to watch it, if you haven't already.

Anyway, welcome back and take a look at previous installments...

The ways to get YOUR questions answered are described in the videos and on the FoDooG Films site, so, don't wait, submit today to give us a challenge.