World Of Warcraft. Another world, indeed!

Well, I'm playing WoW since launch. But I always was a casual gamer and never made any of my chars up to lvl 60 (the highest is 45 on Forscherliga).

Today I had an experience in the Monastery, that really showed me, I AM a casual gamer...

Ah, yeah... dubuff my sdk for ltg ifd.

Lennox out.


Hmm,... catchy.

In the last post I mentioned this project I'm on. And the music spinning in my head...

Well, I teared it out of this shell (messy) and put it down to paper. Better said, onto my desktop.

Quite nice, I think. So, I decided to make it public.

Listen to it (partial) HERE.

Cheers everyone.


I started to work on something. Still, working could be a little far-fetched.

As for now I created some actors via starmaker, gave them costumes and have the Main Music in my head (and on the temp save slot n my keyboard).

Just like the movie dream some months ago, it's something I never did before, but this time, on a bigger scale.

Also, the usual cast of the (now) five guys wouldn't be appropriate. I think there will be a casting thread on the TMO board... someday.


Still on the road...?


Now, that I have finished getting this site viewable and accessable for everyone else (including myself), maybe I can open up this whole stuff with a glorious fanfare. Some YouTube-Video I've found, which wasn't very tricky to hunt down, 'cause I uploaded it myself...




You bet!


I still have no idea, what to do exactly with this blog... I think I finally bowed before the trend...

(three years AFTER it was hip. Shigh)

On the road again

Could be the first in a lot of posts. Thinking twice, it also can be one of few... Anyway, it's the first. So, let's all get out our party-hats and jump around the corners!