Q&A Issue 8 - The End

With the latest and last issue Q&A has finished its run.

Together with a Farewell by Mike Lennox, this episode concludes the English season with the final Outtake Reel.

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Infos about how the madness will continue is within the show!

Have Fun and the best wishes!


The Summer SPECIAL

Yehaw again!

This week's episode of Q&A turned into a Answers without Questions, as we shot a Summer SPECIAL on location in Vienna!

Twice the length, half the content! Critics gonna hate it!

A lot of Car-Action, a Hilton Hotel, Opera Songs and many more useless facts. Hell, even Hitler pays a visit.

Watch the issue


As always, the YouTube Version is still in production, but on the above link, it can be downloaded, if problems with the player occur.

Have fun!


Here the YouTube Link, all episodes so far together in one player...



Issue #6

Done it again...

The sixth Issue is online and, of course can be found via the usual suspect link:


This issue's questions came from MixMasterFestus, danlally, MysticSleet, biggstrek and TheFlyingDude. Thanks you all...

Another question, that was answered came from GreenGlades, which will be answered with a Q&A Short later today on YouTube.

EDIT: Now... Q&A Short

This weeks's main topics: Lots of water, kneehunting and ABBA.

It's really fun to work with your questions, but if you haven't already or still are not at the end of your creativity... Post YOUR burning question via the known procedures!

To the right you can see a new poll... watch the show to participate ;)

Hope, you'll enjoy this issue, like we enjoyed shooting it!

Question List



Summer in the City

It's so hot in Vienna these days...

Oh boy... Perfect for sitting in a dark cold room at home, in front of the PC-screen.

Bad luck, the whole flat is a steam room and no sign of the slightest wind to feel...

I'm melting,... Uahh, I'm melting, melting...


Issue #5

And we are live.

Issue numero 5 can be watched on the usual suspect link:


This issue's questions came from MysticSleet, Sisch, Mixmasterfesuts and sgporsche48. Thanks and keep them coming.

This weeks's topics are raging protestants, Austrian coffee tradition and boring work.

And don't hesitate to ask YOUR question through the common channels, yehaw!

Hope, you'll enjoy the issue!

Also, I have posted a list of all questions so far, and where they were answered (if). I will try to cover the questions, that didn't make it into the show in this Blog. So, I hope nobody gets sad not being picked.

Question List