Issue #6

Done it again...

The sixth Issue is online and, of course can be found via the usual suspect link:


This issue's questions came from MixMasterFestus, danlally, MysticSleet, biggstrek and TheFlyingDude. Thanks you all...

Another question, that was answered came from GreenGlades, which will be answered with a Q&A Short later today on YouTube.

EDIT: Now... Q&A Short

This weeks's main topics: Lots of water, kneehunting and ABBA.

It's really fun to work with your questions, but if you haven't already or still are not at the end of your creativity... Post YOUR burning question via the known procedures!

To the right you can see a new poll... watch the show to participate ;)

Hope, you'll enjoy this issue, like we enjoyed shooting it!

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